Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sex maniacs, are these real?

If you live in Egypt please help me out here, is this real?

If you're a girl who lives in Egypt, please be careful. Try to avoid the busy spots and downtown at night. Better safe than sorry.

I don't know what to say, it's a new low.


Tiny said...

Apparently ya Chris, this happens every year, but the story told on that particular blog is exaggerated. There were no naked girls running down the streets or that sadistic attitude. It is the same old story down any Ciro street..only this time the harassment is directly proportionate to the mass of men present!

Christian said...

Thanks for the link Tiny.

Puts things a bit more into perspective, but still, never heard of it happening every Eid.

This guy though, deserves to be shot, multiple times if possible:
Shop No. 3
"عن الاعتداءات رفض التعليق، لكنه أخبرني أن انحدار أخلاق البنات هو السبب وبعدهن عن الدين، سواء أكنّ محجبات أو لا !

wyVern said...

The fact that this happens every eid doesnt make it ok! It makes things worse, if it happened once we can at least say that the police will take better precautions later, but they (the police) dont care about the girls that are being harrassed in the street, this happened before and will happen again, and as Chris said "better safe than sorry". The moral and ethical standards are really going down the drain, they almost dont exist anymore!!

Anonymous said...

what happened is terrible, but im sure it doesnt happen evry year n f it did it would be even more of a disaster
i know evry1 said this but i had to say it to caz all i can think about is somehting like this could happen to my sister my mother or anyone of my friends and relatives and its freakin my out so all i can say is
"raben yostor"